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Fold Your Mind by fashion studio DiaCheli

Our Story

We started in our family studio in Plovdiv. It's family studio, because it's managed by our mother-daughter team. For more than 20 years she has been developing fashion studio Diacheli. The combination of her experience and new ideas are at the heart of our stariting brand. Naturally, Fold Your Mind is part of DiaCheli fashion studio because it is stepping in, continuing and expanding its vision through the prism of young people.

Our brand name

As a message and slogan "Change the way you think", the name is closely related to our story and our belief in positive and constructive change in Bulgaria.

What is our inspiration?

Our collections are characterized by a clean silhouettes, a clear message and attention to detail. We are inspired by contemporary art and design with a minimalist style. We like geometric shapes, compositions and combinations that we try to show in every garment.


Fold Your Mind Clothing

We create designer clothes and T-shirts. Each of them carries a message: a slogan or an author's geometric print, in combination with a simple clean silhouette. In this way, we bring urban culture to our collections. They exist in limited series. We create accessories for them that complete the minimalist look of the brand.

Fold Your Mind Home is a series of home textile accessories that carry the vibe and message of the brand.

Plovdiv Unfolded is a series of interactive T-shirts with augmented reality. They are inspired by drawings by Plovdiv and its landmarks. These T-shirts can be animated with a free mobile app, revealing 3D models and interesting facts directly on our phone.

How we produce them

We believe in the power of handmade. It is in handmade work that lies the uniqueness of each product in our collection. Our T-shirts are individually hand-printed with eco-friendly water-based inks using screen printing techniques. The production of our clothes takes place in our family studio: from the idea, through the selection of the appropriate fabric, to tailoring and sewing.

Where to find us

You can find us here in our online store where we share our latest collections, on social medias @foldyourmind and in our fashion studio in Plovdiv. You will often find us, as a participant in handmade bazaars all over the country where we meet, inspire and unite with other Bulgarian brands.

Fold Your Mind
Because in Bulgaria we do great things!


Fold Your Mind

Fold Your Mind is bulgarian fashion brand for handmade T-shirts and designer clothing in minimalist style. Our clothing is printed by hand and created in our fashion studio. Our designer clothing and limited edition collections are inspired by streetwear with chic, minimalist touch. Fold Your Mind is part of fashion studio Diacheli.

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