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Please read the turms and conditions before ordering from the online boutique of Fashion Studio Diacheli Ltd

1. Personal data.

1.1 The online boutique of Fashion Studio Diacheli Ltd. collects personal data from it's costumers according to the law of personal data protection with the intention of arranging the payment and the success of the delivery.

1.2 The personal information of our clients is used only for the accomplishment and improvement of the quality of our service.

2. Prices and order.

2.1 When an order is made the price of the ordered item is fixated with the one listed at the time, and is not a subject to change.

2.3 After ordering the client receives an e-mail with an exact description of the merchandise that was ordered, with a fixed price for every item separately and a tottal price.

2.4 Fashion Studio Diacheli Ltd. can cancel an order if the item is out of stock.This happens with a notification e-mail sent to the client.

2.5 After receiving your order we from Diacheli Fashion Studio Ltd. will contact you to specify the details over the deadline and time of delivery.

2.6. The client has the right to cancel every order made from him/her by sending a copy of the e-mail sent to him/her to our e-mail: and writing in it that he/she cancels the order with in a 30 day period.

3 Delivery and payment.

3.1 The delivery of our order is done by a courier service according to the agreed deadline and time.

3.2 If the customer wants the payment for the order can be made through an different method.

3.3 The payment for your order is made according to the payment method you have chosen.

3.4 If the customer (you) wants an other method of payment can be negotiated.

4. Warranty and reclamation.

4.1 The products offered in the online boutique of Fashion Studio Diacheli Ltd. are with a warranty from the manufacturer.

4.2 Regardless of the reason the client can return the purchased items with in a 7 working day period starting from the day of receiving of the items.

4.3 When returning the items must be with the original label and must not have been treated mechanically or chemically

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